Prayers for Brother Samphel Wangyal

May 20th, 2017

Tulku Tsori Rinpoche writes:

My Dearest Dharma Sangha and Friends. Again I have one more request to do. Prayers for our beloved Brother Samphel Wangyal who pass away week ago. So sorry due to lake of internet on my journey couldn't post this request to all my friends.

It is a great loss for all those that crossed his path. I personally feel great lost of best Freind and great talented person of Tibet who could capture and preserve our traditional and culture through his intelligence knowledge by modern technology.  He was a great wild filmmaker and also he was very funny and very, very cheerful with every one who he met. And very generous heart. Always ready to help to those who are in need of help. Very down to earth and very much like great Tibetan Buddhist Yogis. Very free from worldly things. I have never seen him very attached to anything like grasping on. 

And also he had so much that he wanted to contribute to MAINPAT to improve the life of Tibetan people in India, spending so much time and effort to make a difference in this community. 

We will never forget him. 

His selflessness of kindness and compassion heart towards Tibet and Tibetan living in India particularly in Mainpat people should do some prayer for his onward journey.

Forever we in Mainpat and Tsori Gonpa Monks will miss him. 

Tsori Gonpa Monks and Nuns will be keep praying until 49 days. His generosity and compassion he has showered upon others be returned to him by a thousand fold. May his onward journey be filled with peace and protection by Buddha Dharma and Sangha and that he attain enlightenment in his journey. 

Our prayers and condolences to all relatives and friends. Please please please say this prayer for him;

Om Ahmi Dewa Hri. 
Om Mani Padme Hung. 
Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Padma Sidhi Hung. 

Yours Rinpoche and your Sister Karzang Dolma families monks and nuns.