About YTDR Miami

Please join us as we offer different meditations throughout each week so that we may cultivate all the necessary qualities along the path to enlightenment, from basic mindfulness to more elaborate Vajrayana visualization practices. All practice is undertaken with the motivation to benefit all sentient beings who are infinite in number throughout space. This limitless motivation, called Bodhichitta, ensures that one's practice does not fall into selfish extremes which are always of a limited nature and unable to produce the boundless fruition that is Buddhahood free of self-grasping and suffering.

In addition to meditation, we also offer engaging group discussions on Buddhist philosophy, monthly Dharma movie viewings, as well as special events.  Tsok Ceremonies (Feast Offerings) are also held on the appropriate days in accordance with the Tibetan calendar in order to purify karmic obstacles and strengthen our connections to the Dharma.